What are Staking Pools?

Staking Pools are the simplest way to earn free tokens on WhaleSwap. Stake POD and earn free tokens. It’s that easy.
In the future we will also be offering other rewards, allowing you to stake your POD for other tokens!
The POD staking pool has options for both flexible and locked staking.

What’s the difference between “Flexible” and “Locked” staking?

With both, you can simply stake your POD tokens to earn more POD tokens with no deposit fees—both staking options auto-compound POD rewards for you. Flexible staking allows users to stake POD and earn rewards with the ability to unstake at any time. Locked staking allows users to maximise their yield and earn even more POD by locking their staked POD for a period of time they choose, earning a linearly boosted APY compared to flexible staking.
Flexible staking and locked staking are both part of the same pool to allow users easy migration between the two staking options. Because of this, you can only choose one staking option at a time. More details about the differences are described on their respective documentation pages (see links below).