We are committed to ensuring our ecosystem is as secure as possible. On top of our internal security expertise, we have also taken every possible measure to publicly secure our smart contracts.


We currently have an audit done by Beosin on our core contracts, you can find that in our GitHub.
We intend to do further audits to ensure our contracts are 100% secure.
The audit only covers our core contracts currently because our farming and staking contracts have identical to similar projects which have extensively audited them.


The ecosystem supports full community governance but it is currently turned off until we can be sure no single party could exploit control of the ecosystem. As soon as our POD token is sufficiently distributed, we will incrementally add community governance.
Until then, we have all our contracts governed by a timelock which is then governed by a 2/3 multi-sig controlled by the WhaleSwap leadership ensuring we have absolute security.
Check out the contracts page for the current location of the governance contracts.