What Is WhaleSwap?

WhaleSwap is the most efficient way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the blockchain. You can exchange tokens quickly with low cost and near-zero slippage thanks to our innovative hybrid swap pools.


Instantly swap cryptocurrency with no registration and no KYC.

Low fees

WhaleSwap runs on all major blockchains allowing you to trade on your favourite low cost L1 or L2 chain with much lower transaction costs than Ethereum. Our fees are designed to provide the best price while still rewarding liquidity providers, everyone's a winner!

Low Slippage

Our markets are specially designed to minimise slippage. By utilizing hybrid liquidity pools with a modified stableswap algorithm we enable the low slippage trades for stable or correlated assets while still enabling traditional volatile markets.


WhaleSwap exists on a wide variety of blockchains. Many decentralized exchanges have a vested interest in a specific ecosystem and only support a specific chain, we are a truly decentralized protocol created to benefit the users with a consistent, high-quality user experience.


Earn with Staking

Stake POD in our staking pools and earn free tokens. Easy. New projects will be signed up in the future, so you can earn more!

Earn with Farms

Stake LP tokens, earn POD. By creating exposure to impermanent loss, you can earn high APR to offset the risk.

Earn Trading Fees

Want to earn without committing to our chosen pools? Add liquidity to any pair to earn fees on every trade on the pair!

Tokenomics & Emissions

  • Ticker: POD
  • Contract Address: 0xDDed222297B3d08DAFDAc8f65eeB799B2674C78F
  • Chains: BNB, others coming soon.
  • POD Emissions/block: 100
  • POD Emissions/day: 2,880,000

Borrow & Lend

Coming Soon™️